1) Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, actor Micheal Douglas and 'The X-Files David 'Mulder' Duchovny have all been treated for what addiction?

Duff McKagan: "Sex."
Matt Sorum: "is Michael Douglas a sex addict?"
Duff "I know Steven Tyler is..."

2) Clint Eastwood was the Mayor of which town?

Duff: "Carmel. Next!"

3) How many songs are there on Guns N' Roses 'Use Your Illusion I and II'?
Duff: "Matt?"
Matt: (Grumpily) "I don’t know."
Duff "I think it’s 27."
Matt: "No, it’s 32."
Kerrang!: The answer is 30.
Duff: "That’s on the British versions.
The American albums have got 27songs on them.
Kerrang!: Sir, we have detected the faint aroma of bullshit. Nil points.

4) Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britian?
Duff: "It’s not Thatcher any more. The Prime Minister’s a dude now, isn’t it? I can’t remember his name, but I know what he looks like – grey hair, 40something."

5) What would you get if you ordered spotted dick in a British restaurant?
Duff: "What would you get? (Sex Pistols/Neurotic Outsiders guitarist) Steve Jones zipping down his pants and whipping it out right there."

6) What's the name of actor Keanu Reeves' rock band?
Matt: "I knew that. In LA, I ran into their drummer in the dog park every day. Almost."

7) Cocaine is made from the leaf of which plant?
Duff: "Coca."
Matt: "I knew that."
Dutt "Am I too quick to answer?"
Matt: "it's okay."

8) Who were the runners up in last years superbowl?
Matt: "I don’t follow sports, except when Duff invites me along to the big games."
Duff: "It was the Pittsburgh Steelers."

9) Charlie was a killer and Shirley is a singer; what surname do they share?
Matt: "Manson."
Duft: "You are the man!"
Matt: Thank you!"

10) Bob Dylan's Knocking on Heaven's Door was on which film?
Matt: "It was on the ‘Days Of Thunder’ soundtrack."
Duff: "Right."
Kerrang!: No, that was your version of the song.
Matt: "Oh, Bob Dylan’s version."
Duff: "Trick question there."

11) What was the title of The Cult's first album?
Matt: " 'The Southern Death Cult’. Next."

12) If you're working on your glutus maximus in the gym, what are you doing?
Matt: (silence)...
Duff: "You’re working your bum."
Matt: "I thought she was going to ask me about what machine I’d be using."

13) What band names are on Beavis and Butt-head's T-shirts?
Duff: "it’s Metallica and AC/DC, but I don’t know which one wears which one."
Matt: "Beavis wears Metallica, Butthead wears AC/DC."

14) Van Halen recently recorded two new songs with which singer?
Matt: "David Lee Roth."
Kerrang!: Apparently, Gary Cherone of Extreme is joining VN now.
Duff and Matt: "Yuk!"

15) What's the name of the drummer in 'The Muppets'?
Matt: "Animal."

16) Which Great Train Robber starred in the Sex Pistols 'The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle' movie?
Duff: "Ronnie Biggs."
Matt: "I knew that. I knew a guy who used to work for The Cult who went to try and capture Biggs – he was a mercenary."

17) What is Rum made from?
Matt: "Sugar cane."
Duff: "Wow, Matt. Bingo!"

18) Courtney Love plays the wife of which controversial porn publisher in Oliver Stone's next film?
Matt: "Larry Flynt."
Duff: "Right. l actually met Althea Flynt with Izzy (Stradlin, original Guns N’ Roses guitarist) once, way back." Matt: "I partied with her, too. She was a cocaine addict."

19) Courtney Love was rumoured to have carried Kurt Cobain's ashes areound with her on tour in what?
Matt: "Guitar case."
Kerrang!: No. Duff?
Duff: "No idea. her teddy bear or something?"

20) Who headlined and who opened the Castle Donnington Festival in 1988, the year that Guns N' Roses played?
Duff: "Iron Maiden headlined."
Matt: (Screeches) "Run to the hills!"
Duff: "And Helloween opened. How good was that, then? I just remember the ad."

21) What do the letters DC stand for in Washington DC?
Duff and Matt: "District of Columbia."

22) Spell 'Neurosis'
Duff: "N-E-U-R-O-S-I-S."
Matt: "Well done, Duff. I can't spell well at all."
Duff: "I won my eighth grade spelling bee."
Kerrang!: Your what?
Duff: "It’s a school spelling contest."

23) What do Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, AC/DC singer Bon Scott and Jimi Hendrix all have in common?
Matt: "They all died."
Duff: "They all played in rock and roll bands."
Kerrang!: We're looking for something more specific.
Duff: "The letter ‘J’?"
Kerrang!: Eh?
Matt: "They all screwed the same chick?"
Duff: "I've got it! They all died after choking on their vomit."
Kerrang!: At last.

24) How many terrestrial TV channels does Britain have?
Duff: "Four."
Kerrang!: Mr McKagan, you’re a swot of the first order.
Duff: "Thank you."
Matt: "Is this going to go in Kerrang!? I’m going to look really bad."
Duff: "We’re a team. Stick with me brother, I've got your back covered."

25) Which is correct: the yolk of an egg is white, or the yolk of an egg are white?
Duff: "Neither. The yolk of an egg’s yellow. Stupid question."


21 out of 25

Duff McKagen is an astute gentleman who is well versed in all aspects of popular culture. Matt Sorum is a drummer.......

And the answers are..........

1) Sex addiction
2) Carmel
3) 30
4) John Major
5) Steamed pudding with raisins
6) Dogstar
7) Coca Leaf
8) Pittsburgh Steelers
9) Manson
10) 'Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid'
11) 'Southern Death Cult'
12) Buttocks
13) Metallica and AC/DC
14) David Lee Roth
15) Animal
16) Ronnie Biggs
17) Sugar Cane
18) Larry Flynt
19) Teddy Bear
20) Iron Maiden, Helloween
21) District of Columbia
22) Neurosis
23) Choked on their own vomit
24) Four
25) The yolk of an egg is yellow