Duff McKagan

11/02/02: The project page is updated.

10/28/02: Project page updated.
10/21/02: Changed a bit the site around and added the new Duff's project.
10/19/02: Made the Galleries on his own site and changed a bit the page around. Also this site will be up to date with info on what Duff is doing. Check it out and get familiar with the changes. :-)
03/24/02: Added a new gallery. Thanks to Roman for all the pix in Gallery 7!
Also added another Link to a GNR tyribute band!
02/07/02: Added 4 pix in Gallery 5, 3 of Duff and one of Duff & Mandy, way at the buttom!!
01/19/01 : Added a n ew link to
Dutchdemocracy In the link section
01/12/02 : Added more shows and some more news.
01/02/02 : Added 7 pix of Duff in Germany in 95/96. Thanks to Melanie and Katja for sending them!
12/31/01 : Added 3 pix sent in from Alexander Brandtner! You can find them in gallery 2.
12/29/01 : Added 6 new links to GNR sites and lyrics to Dark Days.
12/06/01 : A new show for Loaded in LA
12/03/01 : Added 3 dates for the Japan tour next year!
1/24/01 : Added a few pix of the show at the HOB with Slash and some news
11/16/01 : Mad for Racket cd is out. Check it out by going here.
11/15/01 : Added some pictures of pins on Loaded site.
11/14/01 : Loaded site is on his own. Check it out by clicking here!
11/12/01 : Added some stuff in the bootleg page and update the menu. Check it out by going here!
11/09/01 : Changed the forum to a better one...please leave messages here! you can still read the old posting by going to the old BBS but do not post there!
11/05/01 : The show just added is confirmed but SOLD OUT! Sorry!
10/10/01 : Added 2 pictures of the Fastbacks in gallery5.
10/06/01 : Changed the Chat Room to something a little better. Check it out!~
10/04/01 : The Tour/Shows section is up with upcoming Loaded shows. Check it out! Also added a search engine within the site. Use it if you can't find something on this website.
9/26/01 : New
Forum as a message board, this will replace the old one. But you can still check the old one anyway. Also I added a chat room to the site. Whatever you want to do the Chat Room is there!
9/22/01 : Updated the equipment page.
9/21/01 : Added some picks & 1 pic of Duff, you can find them in the gallery5 and in some pages on the site. Check them out. Also updated the Bio in the siblings section.
9/19/01 : Updated the Bio a little bit and the Menu page. Isn't it better?
9/08/01 : Attitude bass tab is up!
9/07/01 : Uploaded 4 pix in Gallery 4. And 29 pix in the new Gallery 5. More facts in the Bio.
9/04/01 : Added 7 new links, (5 of GNR and 2 of Duff). Lyrics are up and also one more interview is up.
9/03/01 : Uploaded 35 Bass Tabs, and 5 more quotes. 6 pictures, Duff fact and some News on Duff.
9/02/01 : Changed the main picture in the main entrance. Isn't it cool?
9/01/01 : Added 3 pix in gallery 4, those are a few of my 100's Duff's pix that I love!
8/31/01 : I also added some Duff "facts" in the Biography.
8/31/01 : Added some new sections. Equipment and Quotes. I have a few other section that I am working on and that is why the links are not working yet. (Tour/shows, Lyrics and Bass Tabs will come up soon).
8/31/01 : Added about 100 new pictures...I divided the gallery in 4 sections. Gallery 2, 3 ,4.
8/30/01 : Added a picture in the Duff and fans gallery. Check it out!
8/28/01 : Create a new club, "Loaded" check it out!
8/27/01 : Update the Discography.
8/26/01 : Added more Links....you guys have a lot to check now.
8/26/01 : Added a new page called "Raw Power" the Official Duff McKagan Fan Club. Check it out!
8/25/01 : Added more pix. i will add more soon.
8/25/01 : Added more links. I will add more soon.
8/24/01 : Added a new section called Duff & Fans!.
8/24/01 : Added a new section called "Bootlegs & Rare" and a few more pics in the Gallery.
8/21/01 : Uploaded 18 pictures. 1 pic in the gallery and also made a new section called "Live Gallery".
8/19/01 : Interview is up. Check it out!

8/18/01 : Updated more pix and a slide show fixed up the discographyand created a Banner for the site.
7/06/01 : Updates on Duff as a producer, check the News section.
6/17/01 : Added a new link to Loaded.
6/16/01 : Changed the layout a bit and added a new section called NEWS!
6/15/01 : Updated the Biography with some latest news on Duff.
2/19/01 : Added about 21 pictures in the gallery.