Hi and thanks for visiting my Duff site.
I thought it was a good idea in making a little section about me and my "devotion" to Duff and GNR. I start liking the band back in 87, I became addicted in March 88! I liked Duff since then and never stopped liking him. In all these years I collected everything I could get my hands on and I came up with so much stuff that I have no clue where to put it anymore. I bought posters, cd's, bootlegs, magazines, t-shirts, picks, buttons and whatever they would sell. Well worth the collection though! I had over 100 pen pals all around the world and travel to the US a bunch of times, I am originally from Italy and moved for good to LA in 94! I saw only 2 live shows of GnR, at the Forum in August 91, that was the last show they had in LA at that time and it was the longest one (over 3 hours). Then I saw them again in 93, in Italy this time. When I moved out here, I couldn't see anymore shows of the band but I kept following Duff as a solo. He played at first with Neurotic Outsiders, then with Duff McKagan's Black Dog, 10 Minute Warning and then Loaded. I also catched a band he produced, "Suckerpunch". They were cool. I saw Duff a bunch of times. The first time was at the "infamous" Rainbow in Dec. 91 but I was too shocked to actually say anything to him. I just kept staring at him from far, like an idiot! At that time I wasn't even speaking that much English ... so maybe he wouldn't even have understood a word. Anyway, there was my chance. Oh well ... The first time I actually spoken to him was at the Viper Room in Sept. 95, I think it was the 3rd show that I actually had the courage to go up to him and say something, but I was too shocked and I ended up not remembering anything I told him. I am wondering if he does still remember. :-) Do you Duff?? I think he does remember me "the girl that gave you a hug in the parking lot of the Viper Room". Well, I took a few pix with Slash, Matt, Steven back in August 91 at the Rainbow, then eventually Duff (in 99). I never had the pleasure to meet Izzy, though and I hope to meet him soon or later. I also met one time, (only once), Axl Rose but no picture was taken. I saw Duff again way too many times from 95 on. Not that I regreat it, ...you know! hehehe I didn't see him anymore when he moved to Seattle in summer 99. Right now I am trying to catch some shows in Seattle if I can make it. I need a "dose" of Duff soon! I did catch some Loaded show and I finally gave the URL of this site to Duff. He did loved it and was amazed by the many pix I had on this page then asked me to do an official Loaded site. Anyway if you want to contact me to talk about Duff or GNR, please do so by emailing me!