I created this site because I think Duff needed a place on the Internet like everybody else. I also wanted to create a site where you can find anything you want to know on this great musician. Coz he is the greatest on earth. Hey I am his number 1 fan. I owe, at least, this to him!! This is the most complete site on the net. Wait for the slide show to load --->
This site is approved by Duff McKagan!

What's New

A section where I track down all the updates I do to the site.

What Duff is up to lately? Find that out!

Click here if you are eager to know about Duff from 1964 up to today! Well, kind of .....

Check out ALL Duff's discography by going in this section!

"The Project"
Here will be all the news on the upcoming project (the band without a name yet) of Duff, Slash, Izzy and Matt.

Do you want to see all "new" and "old" pictures of Duff? 7 Galleries total plus the Live Gallery. Enjoy it!
Live gallery with pictures of Duff's shows.

A few links on other sites on Duff and also GNR members.

Please enter this section and take the poll on your Duff's favorite band!!

Bootlegs & Rare of my collection
Here is a collection I have on Bootlegs and other rare stuff on Duff and GNR.
I also added some autographed collection that I have.

Duff & the Fans!
This is for the fans. Want to share with all the world your picture with Duff? This is a good place to put it.
Send me all your pix with Duff and I will add them in this section.

Want to read what Duff had to say about anything that has been going on with his work? Check it out!

Duff's Official Fan Club
Here is some information about the Duff's Official Fan Club, "Raw Power". Want to join the Fan Club?

Here are all the lyrics to Duff's work, from GNR up to these days.

Do you want to know what Duff use as equipment when he plays?

Bass Tabs
Want to learn how to play Duff's work? Check these Bass Tabs now!

Loaded (The new CD is on sale on the site, check Loaded site for more about it).
Here is the new Duff's band, Loaded.

A good place to read about what Duff said in the past and present.

This is just to know where and when Duff is playing next!

Duff @ Yahoo Club
A Club dedicated to Duff, join it for the latest news or just to chit-chat with other fans.

Duff Forum
Another place to chit-chat about Duff, post your messages and your questions here.
Check the old posting in the old message board. I kept it anyway ... BBS

Sign Guestbook/View Guestbook
Are you curious to know what other guests had to say? Please sign the guestbook on your way out.

Duff @ Ebay
A place to buy Duff's work, sometimes at a cheap price. (Not all the time though).

Mailing List
Want to join the mailing list to be up to date with what Duff is doing? Join it. It will be worth it!!

Message from the Webmaster
A little bit about me, being a Duff and GNR fan. This is my 14 years history! Check it only if you are interested!

Duff McKagan's Jungle Chat Room
I had to change the chat room to something a little better. Hopefully this one works right and you guys will like it!

If you have problems getting to the chat. Click here!

This is the section of the credits. Read this one carefully before taking anything from this site.

If you have any questions or comments or discover a broken link, please email me!

If you want to know about me, click here!

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Please if you like the site, go ahead and vote!! Thanks!

If you do have a GNR site, please go ahead add your site in here or you can check out what other sites are in the ring.
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