Duff McKagan


Duff was born in Seattle, Washington on February 5th, 1964.
Youngest of 8 kids, (5 brothers and 3 sisters). Here are the names: Jon (store manager for QFC food chain), Carol, Mark, Bruce (general manager for Muzak Corp in Seattle, Joan Shelton, Claudia Christiansen and Matt (band teacher for Lindero Middle School). His dad's name is Elmer but he goes by Mac, his mom's name was Alice Marie but she went by Marie. It was Duff's brother Bruce who introduced him to the bass. (Thanks to Jeannie for the help on this).

As a teenager he played in 31 bands, from being a drummer to guitarist and eventually went to bass once he moved to LA. A few of those 31 bands were: The Fastbacks, The Fartz and 10 Minute Warning. (correct me if I am wrong in the spelling).

He moved to L.A. when he was 19 years old. He answered to an ad about a bassplayer in a loco magazine and met Slash and Steve at Canter's. And in 1985 Guns and Roses were born.

He is a huge fan of Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols and punk in general.

In 1990 Duff and Slash co-wrote and played a few songs on Iggy Pop "Brick by Brick" Album.

He got married for the first time On May 28, 1988 to Mandy Brix, she was a hostess in a Japanese restaurant in LA and also had her own all female rap-trio, "The Lame Flames". They got divorced in 1990. He married again in Sept. 1992 to Linda Johnson, (I believe she was a playmate) and got divorced in Sept. 1995.

In 94 his pancreas blew up he was hospitalized in Seattle and he was forced to stop drinking for good. His doctor told him that one more drink and he was going to die at that point Duff didn't have choice. He had to quit drinking once and for all.

In 1995 he collaborate with Slash and his new band "the Snakepit", he co-wrote a song called "beggars and hanger's on", which he also played live at the Palace during a Snakepit show in May 95. He formed "Neurotic Outsiders", they played some clubs in LA and toured the US in 1996. They also played clubs in 1998 and 1999. They have an album out, called "Neurotic Outsiders" that came out in Sept. 1996. After that he put together different bands, like, Duff McKagan's Black Dog, and 10 Minute Warning (which they made an album and some clubs dates) and recently "Loaded".

He also partecipate on Izzy Stradlin's albums as well as Slash following albums.

Duff also, tried it as an actor in 97. He had a part in the tv-serial "Sliders" which aired in May 97.
On August 27, 1997 he had his first child, Grace with Susan Holmes, they got married on August 28, 1999 and on July 16, 2000 they had their second child, another girl, Mae Marie. (e.d. when is the boy coming??).

Duff was living between LA and Seattle from 1994 to 1999, because his mother was battling Parkinson disease and he felt he had to be with her. His mom died in early April 99 and since then, he lives in Seattle.

He put together another band called "Mad for racket" or also known as "The Racketeers" in the year 2000, and they played in London in December 2000. Duff did not play on that show.

In 2001 he got back with Loaded again and they are playing the clubs in Seattle. Check Seattle listings for dates.

He also ran a marathon in Hawaii this year (2001), click here to check it out, once there, type in Michael McKagan Seattle/WA USA and it should give you his running time. I don't think there is a picture in there anymore but you can still try it out. Click here, once there choose the race name: Honolulu Marathon then type McKagan (no space) and bib number 11468.

August 2001, Loaded toured Japan and also toured Japan with Izzy Stradlin' on Izzy Stradlin's tour for his new album "River".


Favorite song : I don't care about you
Favorite bands
: AC/DC, Fear, Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Kiss, Metallica, Faith No More.
Favorite Musician : Robert Plant
Favorite City : Seattle
Favorite Actor : Jerry Lewis
Favorite Actress : Marilyn Monroe 
Favorite Movie
: A Clockwork Orange
Favorite Food : Italian (yeah!!)
Favorite Sport : Football, golf
: Riding Motorbikes
Likes : Bars and sleep
Turn on about Girls/What to look for in a girl
: Blonde Hair
Favorite Book : Slugs by Sean Huston
First Concert : Led Zeppelin
First Favorite bands: Led Zeppeling and Kiss
Former Occupation : Cook
Favorite Tv-Show : I don't watch TV
Former bands : Roadcrew, The Fartz, 10 Minute Warning and other 30 back in Seattle
Smokes : Camel, Marlboros (red and light)
Drinks : Vodka, Beer "Budweiser"
Car : in 88 Jeep Wrangler with 4-speed overdrive, in 89 a Corvette, in 95 a BMW 5.25I then in 97 a 7.40I
Phone machine message : You've reached the McKagan residence. Please leave a message at the tone.
Basses : 6. Fender is his favorite but he also has some Kramer.
Like to do on a date : Go to a bar
Favorite thing about touring : Free drinks
Least favorite thing about touring : No sleep
Biggest Turns-Ons : My girlfriend and a crowd.

 Stats :

Height - 6' 2"
Weight - 160 pounds
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Hazel